DrumBeats Holiday Music Comp Sessions sound great! Details for next sessions will be shown here!
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Thank you to all students who attended the sessions.
Shoot across to the DrumBeats front page to see what these students produced in just an hour of lessons and recording....not bad really!
Book up for this year, and lessons too, here
DrumBeats Summer Rock School 'awesome' & enjoyed by all!
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Yes, that's a comment from one of the guitarists from this summer's sessions!
The groups tackled a mix of covers & created their own song too. A huge amount of effort was put in & we even managed to get 'live' takes of the original too. Look out for more info on future RockSchools.
DTXplorer (now DTX500K) electronic drumkit - great study kit & quiet! UPDATED
Most parents I speak to about their children's first drumkit explain they want something quiet and cheap! My response is normally that quiet drums, great for practice, cost more!
So, if you do decide to go that extra couple of hundred pounds, what's the best choice? I would STILL say the Yamaha DTXplorer (now DTX500K with a slightly different drum 'brain'). You can stretch a bit higher and go for the Roland TD3 but maybe invest the difference in a few more drum lessons!
The DTXplorer includes five simple pads, including hihat and a very compact bass drum. The control module clamps on the very light alloy frame on your left.
The feel and playability of the kit is very good and you get a decent bounce off the pads. It's great for practice, really very good - decent feel and compact too. The sounds cover a variety of kits and percussion and add to that a set of play along songs (with adjustable tempo) and an aux in for your mp3 player. It's all here!
I use these kits for teaching and they are thoroughly abused! They last well and the only likely part to fail is a pad connector cable, but only if you are moving the kit about alot. These are also easily replaced.
Finally, if you want to buy one of these, look secondhand locally or on Ebay. You'll find good condition kits for about £225-£275.
If you need a hand sourcing a DTXplorer or any more questions, ask me!
Also, do you want to learn drums? email for more info and rates.
Drumming is good for your mind too!
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Research, backed by the Sidney De Haan Centre, demonstrates a therapeutic effect on patients suffering from anxiety, depression or addiction. They want the NHS to adopt drum therapy as a technique to deal with patients.
The Clash drummer, Nick Topper, has got behind this campaign and claims his experience of drug use helped by drumming is very real indeed.
Also, reported recently in the Guardian newspaper, Swedish researchers have revealed that those who can keep time while banging a stick on a table perform better at intelligence tests than those who can't.
Might be worth a try? Email or call 07910 433265.
Drumming ‘as tough as a football match’
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The article, published in The Telegraph, reported on research carried out on Blondie’s drummer, Clem Burke, which revealed that drumming for 90 minutes saw his heart rate rise to the level reached by the average top-flight footballer, and for the same period of time!
What a great way to keep fit, and bet a footballer can’t coordinate both feet and both hands at the same time!
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