Private Tutoring - individuals & groups
Private lessons are available to individuals or pairs located in and around Oxford.
I will happily cover levels from complete beginner to advanced intermediate, ages from 8 upwards.
Lessons are normally between 30 - 45 mins. If you need details on costs & availability please email or phone using contact details below.
• One-to one tutoring accelerates learning
• Lessons tailored to individual requirements
• Pairs make learning fun and more cost effective
• Help on specifics of drumkits & choosing your first drums
• Teaching materials provided
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Private lessons are held at my home drum studio, which is set up with 2 electronic drumkits and listening, recording and playback facilities.
Group coaching available at venues around Oxford.
If you have a group of interested children or adults keen to make a band or learn instruments together, we may be able to help out. You might also have a venue you wish to use too, local to your homes.
Ask us about this if you have a group of people keen to start a band & needing some help!
• Select a convenient venue to rehearse
• Receive individual instrument tuition plus help on developing as a band
• Share the hassle & cost of bringing gear along - we can help provide drums, guitars, etc
• Great to try, whatever age you are!
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Group lessons are held at a local venue & can include tuition for drums, guitar, bass & song-writing ideas. It's also great for all ages, from children to adults!