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Primary & Secondary Schools
I offer shortcourses and group teaching for Key Stage 1 & 2 Primary Schools & all ages, including sixth form, at Secondary Schools.
Once you're up & running, I teach '1 to 1' & 'paired' classes for more experienced students at both Primary & Secondary schools.
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School Holiday Rock Schools
Started in summer 2005, holiday 'rock school' short courses offer not only tuition on drums but a chance to try and learn other instruments, including guitar & bass, and play in a ‘rock band’.
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Guitar tutoring is currently available privately & in some Primary Schools - email for more info
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Private Tuition
Individual & Paired Lessons provide the benefit of a more tailor-made course of lessons.
These sessions are taught from my studio at home.
Group coaching is designed for any individuals who want to start a band but need help with organisation, material or instrument tutoring.